10 mins to reach your 5 a day

Use this Green Juice recipe to cleanse your body and refill on vitamins and minerals.

Here's What You'll Need

  • Spinach leaves (200g): High in anti-oxydants, vitamins A, E, K, spinach also contains numerous minerals including iron. Oh, and it’s also a natural performance enhancer. Read more about that here.
  • Large Cucumber (1): High in nutrients and low in calories, cucumber is 90% water, so great for hydration. It also offers heart-healthy oxydants and contributes to lowering blood pressure and blood sugar.
  • Granny Smith Apple (2) : An apple adds sweetness to your juice, and Granny Smiths are slightly less caloric Thant other varieties. also packed with minerals and antioxydants and will give you a few extra vitamins.
  • Celeri (2-3 stalks): Celery juice contributes to improving  the function of the digestive tract. It works as a natural laxative, and can also help relax nerves that are sometimes damaged due to unhealthy lifestyle and food choices. It’s also high in calcium, silicon, and Vitamin K, so drinking celery could also help strengthen your bones.
  • Ginger (according to taste): Ginger is high in gingerol, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help prevent cancer. It also appears to be very effective against menstrual pain when taken at the beginning of the menstrual period.

    Lemon (1): Manually squeeze out the juice of one lemon one you've juiced the other ingredients. Lemon juice adds a great zing to your green juice but will also help your body better assimilate the iron found in the spinach. It’s also a natural preservative for your juice as it slows down oxydation, meaning you’ll be able to keep the juice for longer in your fridge. 

Easy Green Juice Prep

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